Relationships can be challenging. Couples with different communication styles or backgrounds often struggle. Feeling understood and valued is an important part of a relationship but is often lost when couples encounter problems.  I help couples build greater understanding of one another, improve communication, develop more effective ways to address conflict, and build a greater attachment with each other.

Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs in a person's life and adds a new level of complexity to relationships. I help parents develop the tools to raise happy, capable, responsible, and self-reliant children. In my practice I focus on working with fathers and their partners struggling with the transition to parenthood and the unique challenges that come with being a new parent. I lead classes on adjusting to and dealing with parenthood.  Please click here for more information.

Teens Being a teenager is difficult under the best of circumstances. The changes within a teen's own body due to puberty, the process of becoming an adult, managing social issues, and a desire for more independence all make a teen's life even more complicated.  Parenting a teenager can also be severely trying for parents as they try to balance setting and maintaining rules, monitoring and keeping their children safe, and helping them grow into independent and responsible adults.  I have extensive experience working with teens struggling with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, defiance, delinquent behavior, opposition to authority, and sexual identity.  Teens, especially teen boys, often are reluctant to enter therapy and talk about their experiences, which can make helping them more difficult. I am willing to meet with teens for a free consultation to help them understand the process of therapy and to see whether they are willing to give therapy a try.  

Individual Therapy In individual therapy you can gain clarity, self-awareness, comfort with yourself, and a greater sense of satisfaction in your relationships.  I help my clients find their strengths, understand patterns, and gain insight into their past and present while helping to alleviate emotional pain.
Sam Stevens, MS, LMFT
Counseling for Adults & Adolescents
Couples, Families, Individuals, New Fathers' Group
I work with couples, families and individuals to address:  
* Relationship Problems
* Conflict Resolution
* Depression and Anxiety
* Coping Skills for Difficult Emotions
* Stress Management
* Work and Career Issues
      * Grief and Loss
* Communication with Teens
* Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
* Trauma Recovery
* Sexual Abuse Issues

Fatherhood - In my practice I focus on and enjoy working with fathers.  Fathers face tremendous pressures in our society.  Traditionally fathers were the providers and the protectors of the family, but times have changed and fathers are expected to also be warm, caring, and supportive husbands and fathers.  Many dads struggle with this change and feel overwhelmed trying to be super dad.  I work with fathers individually, in couple/family therapy, and in groups to help relieve some of these stresses and help them be the dads that they want to be.  For more information on groups, classes and workshops for new fathers and fathers-to-be please click on this link to go to my page for fathers specifically.